Grilled cheese sandwich

An easy and tasty snack to toast in a sandwich maker. For company and sports canteen, camping, gas stations, hospital, cafe, community center, disco, coffee corner and events.


The sandwiches are packed individually


We advise you to thaw the sandwiches in the refrigerator (+7ºC) and not to freeze them after thawing. Toast the sandwich (+/- 4 minutes) in a sandwich iron.

Shelf life

After thawing, the rolls can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days. However, we recommend preparing the sandwiches as soon as possible after thawing.

Art. Nr. Description Box contents Box Price excl. VAT Unit price excl. VAT
330 Toasted Cheese / Ham sandwich
Item specification
30x90 grams € 22,20 € 0,740

Art. Nr. Description
330 Toasted Cheese / Ham sandwich

Description Box contents Box size (cm) Box low Box pallet UAC piece 8713183 - UAC box 8713183 -
Toasted Cheese / Ham sandwich 30x90 grams 30x50x11 6 84 005060 000447